Innovative Engineering Technology Corporation

Our innovative technologies extend themselves to a multitude of industries across the globe.

Our business is committed to creating the next world class level of products that will change our lives. It all starts with empowering our dedicated Advanced Degreed Engineers, deploying innovative techniques that others overlooked and also by maintaining a balanced work ethic. Our creative spirit is alive in the ingenuity of the products we are producing.

We are very proud of our new ( GSE) Green Sustainable Energy products.  Our GSE system will allow you and your family to be completely energy independent. The local utility company becomes your rarely used secondary backup power.  Our GSE systems will produce of all the electrical power you will ever need to power your home, your business and to charge your electric vehicle for free.

No toxic lead acid batteries, only two solar panels (residential power station) or four solar panels (business power station) and no wind powered generators. This is truly clean, green sustainable power that is produced and stored 100% by you.

Our GSE will help preserve our precious environment for our children and all future generations.